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You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life

As if a clogged toilet or leaking toilet wasn’t enough, what if I told you that your toilet is designed completely wrong for it’s purpose? Believe it or not, humans are meant to squat instead of sit. In fact, squatting is one of the reasons you may experience bowel movement cramps and other minor complications. So what makes squatting create a healthy bowel movement? Squatting opens up the recto-anal angle, allowing you to be more lax when handling your business. Sitting down to poop actually constricts the passageways and requires more straining to push things through.

But it can’t be easy to lift your legs up to be in a position allowing you to squat, right? You’re in luck! There are many products on the market that will help you get into the right position for the perfect bowel movement, but arguably the most reliable of them all is the Squatty Potty. The Squatty Potty mimics natural squat posture while opening up the colon for fast, easy elimination. It also comes in many styles to match your bathroom’s colors!

On top of the new squatting technique you’ve just learned, there are also additional health benefits you will get that you may not have seen while you were sitting. Through the years doctors have recommended their patients use the squatting method as a hemorrhoid thrombosis treatment and relief. Your posture on the toilet may also be one of the causes of chronic constipation. Sitting does not allow you to eliminate your stool correctly and that creates hard dry stools. These hard, dry stools are very hard to push out which will send you on your way to the drug store to buy constipation drugs. Although it’s more common in females, males may also experience pelvic floor issues by sitting instead of squatting. Pelvic floor nerves can be protected by squatting for bowel elimination, while sitting causes a great amount of pressure on the anorectal angle of the colon.

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