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10 Easy DIY Homemade iPhone Speakers

It’s fairly common knowledge now that you can easily make your own iPhone speakers. You can do it with a number of different objects; including a cup, a bowl, and even a toilet paper roll. If you’re looking for an idea to make your own, we’ve provided you with a few examples.


Cut a can of Red Bull in half, clean it out so it’s not sticky, and put your iPhone in. The aluminum will amplify the sound.


Two red solo cups and a paper towl roll. This is covered in paper towels to keep it decorative.

Bigger bowls tend to work better and produce better sound. However, this will work just fine. It’s perfect for listening to tunes while making dinner.


Toss your iPhone in a giant bowl. You can use a piece of wood to keep the bowl down and set your phone on.

Grab a few red solo cups and a toilet paper roll.


Any cup that your iPhone can fit in will work. The glass cups tend to produce better sound.

Take a paper towel roll and two half liter milk cartons.

All you need is a pipe and two Styrofoam cups.

This works great for the bathroom. If you enjoy listening to music while getting ready in the morning, the “speaker” will help wake up. It will also protect your phone from getting wet.


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