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Quick Remedies For Pimples And Blackheads

Epson Salt Solution

Epsom salt mixed with iodine form a bacteria-fighting combo perfect for removing blackheads. Mix a tablespoon of epsom salt with hot water and a few drops of iodine. You’ll want to stir it occasionally to dissolve the salt. Use a bit of cotton to dab the solution onto your skin, allowing it to dry onto your face.

The benefits of Epsom salt are held in very high regard. On most acne forums, those that have used Epsom salt for acne state that Epsom salt has been one of the most effective natural solutions for clearing up much of their skin. In addition, unlike other natural acne solutions, Epsom salt’s benefits are less likely to be fueled by an aggressive marketing campaign. Epsom salt is available in everyday grocery stores, indicating that Epsom salt may truly be one of the more under-researched secrets in reducing the appearance of acne.


  1. Sounds like a cheap and decent thing to try!

  2. The baking soda one I mean ↑.

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