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Crazy Easter Eggs In Your Favorite Games

A Sega Dreamcast Programmer Includes Instructions For Pirating

The Dreamcast had a number of problems that doomed it, one being that the games were  easy to pirate — anything Sega put out would be posted online within days, and one hacker group, called Echelon, was behind most of it. Years later, two gamers were going through some old Sega games when they noticed something odd: a file on the disc for Sega Smash Pack titled “ECHELON.TXT.” Upon opening it, they found instructions intended for Echelon pirates explaining exactly how to use the game’s files to play any Genesis game on the Dreamcast. the text file even asked the pirates to “pay your respects to Uncle Sonic” and was signed “Gary.” Irony –  the lead American programmer for Sega Smash Pack was named Gary Lake.

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