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How To Play Connect 4 On Your iPhone

Emoji’s are almost always fun. What makes them more fun is you can actually use them to play Connect 4 on your iPhone or iPad with your friends.

1. You need to enable iMessage & emoji keyboard to start play which is quite extensively describe in my earlier below posts.

2. After enabling iMessage & emoji you just need to send a message through WiFi/Cellular to your friend with whom you want to play this game.

3. Now select which color you want or give choice to your friend it can be blue or red.

4. Now just send the same iMessage to your friend with your selection & your friends need to copy the same & point out where he want to put his ball & delete it & insert his colour ball.

 5. You don’t need to enter all the circle each time just copy & paste the last one & put your ball after delete the white one. As well Just select the Recently use button on the emoji keyboard it will only display the last 2 ball on upper side which easy to play fast & furiously.


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