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High School: How It Really Works

High School: How It Really Works
(AKA: “the best four years of your life”)

High school is an important time in one’s life. It’s where you meet the best friends you probably won’t talk to past college, learn the algebra equations you’ll never use outside of class, and get involved in the drama that you believe affects how the world turns. But if you knew everything about high school and how it really works, would you change how you approach (or approached) it?

Freshman Year: 
1.   It is not terrifying or like anything you see on TV.
2.  DO NOT try and be friends with everyone.
3.  Everyone hates the freshman, so don’t act like you’re better than everyone because you are not.
4.  Walk on the right side of the hallway and stairs. Don’t walk in packs. Stop talking so loud. Stop screaming when you see your friends. You’ll see them at lunch.

Sophomore Year:
1.  This year contains a lot of drama.
2.  Let’s learn how to drive!
3.  You’ll learn that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Don’t get too excited about this…
4.  You begin to see how annoying Freshman can be. You will be asking yourself a lot, “I wasn’t like that, was I?” You were.
5.  Despite what you tell yourself, you are not going to end up marrying the person you’re with.
6.  You really make no difference to anyone else at this school. Seniors, juniors, and freshman don’t care anything about you.

Junior Year:
1.   SAT’s suck! Study for them so you don’t have to take it more than once.
2.  Chemistry will consume your life.
3.  You have to start thinking about college.
4.  “Please stop asking me what I want to do because I don’t know!”
5.  Junioritis is real.
6.  You find your group of friends.
7.  This will most likely be the toughest year of classes.

Senior Year:
1.  College Applications = Acceptance Letters
2.  “Why am I still here?”
3.  Senioritis is an actual disease. There is no cure.
4.  “How long until I graduate?”
5.  Your last everything (prom, class trip, etc.).
6.  Graduation… finally!

1.  “I never learned any of this in high school!”
2.  Pick colleges that offer online classes.
3.  Better yet – pick a college where you can get everything (including your degree) online.
4.  Congratulations! You’re going to spend the next 20-30 years paying off your student loans.
5.  Graduation… finally!
6.  I went to college so I could get a good job? Awesome! Now, along with millions of other Americans, I can’t find a job and I’m $75,000 in debt to my student loans.


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