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How To Get Rid Of Your Bat Wings (Upper-Arm Fat)

Via SkinnyMom:

Arm Circles: Stand shoulder width apart and raise your arms up and out to your sides. When you have them at shoulder height, begin to draw circles with your fingertips. Start rotating your arms clockwise. Work through the burn.


Tricep Dips: Sit on the ground and place your hands, fingers facing forward, next to your thighs. Walk your feet out in front of you and try to extend your legs. Push up through your heels and arms, shooting your hips towards the ceiling. Make sure your arms are bent at 90 degrees.


 Squatting Speed Bag: Get in a squat bending your knees and sitting back as if you were in a chair. ake loose fists with your hands and bring them up above your forehead with your elbows out. Rotate your forearms clockwise as fast as you can.  Change directions every set.


Special thanks to SkinnyMom for the tips! Remember, the key is to work through the burn. If it burns, you’re doing a good job! Being sore is a sign of accomplishment.


  • Drew
    December 6, 2013

    These are all completely ineffective, except possibly the dips. However the dips would be much more effective performed on an actual dip station.

    The sad truth, however, is that spot-reduction, or burning fat from a specific place by exercising it, is simply a myth. The only possibilities are burning fat (non-specifically) and building muscle. Toning, sculpting, spot-reducing, etc. are simply fitness industry terms to keep people wasting their time and money.

    If you truly want to see your arms change, doing three simple exercises is more effective than any complicated, silly-looking routine you’ll find on most websites. These are the dip, performed at a dip station or with the arms braced against a bench press bench, as well as the bench press itself, performed with a narrow grip (hands inside the grip indicators of the barbell), and the overhead press (seated or standing) these will work the triceps, deltoids, and biceps (to a lesser degree, but this is a less important and smaller muscle than most people think, and will be worked just fine by these exercises). I won’t prescribe any certain rep or set scheme, or advise a weight to use, because that will change significantly based on your fitness goals, but these exercises are gold compared to what this article recommends.

    Women reading this may be concerned that these seem like mens exercises and would lead to the type of bulk men can build, but another inconvenient truth for the fitness industry is that women simply do not have the natural genetic potential for that amount of muscle mass, and female bodybuilders must use steroids to build the mass that they do.

    As far as fat reduction goes, that has much, much more to do with diet than exercise, and I am certainly no expert in that subject. I would advise you to visit if you are interested in making a true difference in your body composition, the man that runs it is far more knowledgeable in dietetics than I.

    Good luck. 🙂

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