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How To Clean Your Toilet With Coca-Cola

It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that Coca-Cola can clean your toilet. It’s a great replacement for all of your toxic, chemical filled cleaners you’ve been using. Oddly enough, it works just as well. Another benefit of using Coca-Cola is you won’t be inhaling the stench and chemicals of your regular cleaners.

First Step:
Add the Coke. When pouring it into your toilet, be sure to hit every area. Use about 20oz.

Second Step:
Give it time. This is where several people mess up. With other cleaners, you can immediately clean it. In order for this work, you need to let it sit for at least an hour.

Third Step:
Scrub away! After you’ve let it sit for an hour or so, grab your toilet brush and start scrubbing. Make sure to scrub every inch of the inside of your toilet.

Fourth Step:
Flush. Once you pull the trigger, it should start to sparkle.

Final Step:
Because of the sugar in the Coke, it’s a good idea to scrub down the outside of your toilet and toilet seat with a wet rag.




  1. Is this safe for a septic tank?

  2. I can`t believe that Coca -Cola is sooo good cleaner. I have tried your tip. The result was amazing. My toilet started sparkling. I am going to show your article to my sister. Best regards!

  3. And we drink that crap?! 0

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