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How To Build Your Business By Networking

For most business people, “networking” is only done online thru social media sites.  However, the most effective way to network in any industry is “offline” networking.  With these 10 easy steps, you can build your business tremendously and with very little effort!!

  1. Attend networking events – Join a business networking group and attend events they host or go to events with people from your industry.
  2. Do research – don’t go into it blind. Make sure you know what the group is about and who is in it so you know who you want to talk to.
  3. Bring business cards – You never know who you will run into out in a restaurant or bar.
  4. Make the first move – Have confidence when you speak. It will put others at ease and allow for business to get done quickly and efficiently.
  5. Ask questions – People love to talk about themselves so ask questions that allow for this to make them more comfortable with you.
  6. Actually listen – Not only is it rude to tune someone out, it won’t get you any business.
  7. Be helpful – Business is a give-and-take. Don’t just look for people to help you, but for people you can help.
  8. Tell stories – Real-life experiences and testimonials are always the best way to get people to understand your business and what you can do.
  9. Make introductions – Don’t hesitate to introduce your connections to each other to help them
  10. Smile – Nobody wants to approach a grouch. Even if you are uncomfortable, always smile and make others comfortable.



  • I’ve been networking for a very long time and I’ve read a plenty of guises, tips and articles such as these and they all have pretty much the same theme when it comes to networking successfully. Be yourself, be attentive and be confident.

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