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10 Unexpected Things That Make You A Better Person

There is little incentive to develop yourself when life is full of happiness and success. One does not just become a good person overnight. Being a good person comes from life experiences, specifically the hard times. However, it’s not the moments that help you become a better person, but rather how you handle those situations. Here are a few of those situations that help build your character and make you a better person:

You have had your heart broken.

Typically right after your significant other broke your heart out of the blue for whatever reason, you might feel incapable of loving another person right now, but the feeling will pass. Just about everyone will go through a painful breakup at some point. You’re not alone in being tempted to let your anger surface. However, taking the high road and trying to be a good person in spite of your broken heart can help you grow as an individual and get over the relationship.

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