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10 Unexpected Things That Make You A Better Person

You come to the realization that most people don’t really about you.

It’s a sad reality that we turn on the television to see news anchors and reporters gawking over every little detail of a celebrities life. It’s even worse when you hear the celebrities complaining about how people won’t leave them alone, and how they want to deal with their problems on their own. In many aspects, that’s respectable. However, you can help but feel envy when you open your eyes and see that a lot of the people you care about don’t really care about you. It’s a harsh reality when you realize that most of your “friends” will only come around when they need something from you. Only your true friends will be there when you really need them. The sooner you can learn this, the more you can focus on the people who truly appreciate you for who you are. You will learn how to handle your problems and, in turn, show others how to do the same. After all, that’s how friends become close.

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