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Do Video Games Cause Violence?

EDITORIAL: Do video games cause violence among people? Every time there is a shooting, politicians and government officials immediately point their fingers at video games. We have become a point-and-blame society, where it seems more important to throw the blame on someone else, or something else, instead of raising our hands and putting blame on ourselves. Even after multiple studies revealing that playing video games is actually healthy for you, it still remains an easy scape goat. Of course, it would be dishonest to suggest that video games have never caused an individual to develop violent behavior and act on it. At some point it has happened, but even then, are video games really to blame? The ESRB puts warnings and age restrictions on video games for a reason. Yet, every time a first-person shooter or Grand Theft Auto game is released, parents with young children or teenagers are the first in line to buy them the game for their kid. On top of that, violence is not the only genre represented in gaming. Video games consist of strategy, simulation, sports, action, role playing, and more. These same politicians who are pinning violence on video games never look at what these other genres of gaming are leading to. We’ve never seen a politician blame Farmville for the decline of farmers in the country. Why? Because that would be outrageous. I highly recommend you enlarge the picture below (click on it and zoom in) and take a look at the neurology of violent video games.



Share your opinion! Do you think adolescence are under attack? Are video games at all to blame for violence behavior?

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