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Debunking Every Myth About Acne

Everyone has their own theories when it comes to acne solutions and causes. The truth is that some things work better for some, and don’t work at all for others. Every dermatologist has a different acne cleanse that they swear by, and most are actually worth a try. But how do you know what acne treatments are complete hogwash and could actually do more harm to your skin than good? One of the biggest acne myths is that you have to wash your face often in order to prevent breakouts. Believe it or not, hygiene has nothing to do with acne development. Washing your face multiple times a day is actually a terrible way to treat acne, as you can see in the infograph below. Over-washing your face can also lead to very noticeable pimple scars, which is a whole other problem itself. Another myth is popping pimples will make them go away quicker. It’s true that your skin will look better on the surface after popping,  but you’re really doing a terrible amount of damage under the skin. Popping pimples actually pushes the bacteria deeper into you skin, which will cause your acne to breakout even worse in a few days in that very same spot. The best medicine for pimples is actually prevention. Believe it or not, some severe acne treatments will actually cause you to break out more. The infograph below will answer all of your acne questions and put you on the right path to treating acne and clear skin. You can also check out some all natural ways to eliminate blackheads overnight.

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