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Surprising Facts About Male Plastic Surgery

What man wouldn’t want to look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt? Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with mesomorphic builds, square jaws and granite abs. Fear not though, men! Plastic surgery will come into your life for the rescue. Thanks to technology and modern medicine, doctors and plastic surgeons are able to slice and dice and mold you into just about shape you want.

We often hear about women having plastic surgery procedures, but how often do men have it done? Surprisingly, male plastic surgery has seen a 105% increase since the late 1990’s. Looking even deeper, the most common surgical procedures for men are liposuction, eye lid surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty, and gynecomastia (breast reduction for males). This graph breaks down each procedure and shows the shelf life, recovery time, costs and the amount of post-op pain for each.

Want to know more? Scroll down below the infographic to see the approximate costs and recovery times of some of the more popular plastic surgery procedures for men.


Jaw Augmentation

Jawline recontouring injects Juvederm (a hyaluronic acid) into the jaw and chin to make it more angular and strong. He also might choose to do the same thing on the cheek bones to augment facial structure and give more definition.

Recovery time: Less than 24 hours

Cost: $2,300-$3,800



Liposuction (which Dr. Steinbrech refers to as “liposculpting”) typically takes away fat from around the abdomen so as to better show off muscles and abs. The healing process may often involve drainage tubes, compression garments, and antibiotics.

Recovery time: 2 days (but should avoid strenuous activity for a month)

Cost: $2,700-$5,000


Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery gets rid of any loose skin or fat in the chin, so that it helps the jaw stand out and gets rid of any “jowls.” In this procedure, incisions are made around the ear lobe or behind the ears, and then the underlying muscles are tightened and excess fat is removed.

Recovery time: 5-7 days

Cost: $6,000 to $11,000


Penile Enlargement

Through surgery, the penis can be visually enlarged, usually by just over an inch. The surgeon will cut the ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position, allowing the penis to descend. Weights, or stretching devices, are then used for a few months to affect a permanent increase in size. The procedure may result in scar tissue, the erection will point down, and the base of the penis will be hairy.

Recovery Time: Avoid heavy lifting or any other strenuous activity for a month following surgery. Wait for a month to 6 weeks before resuming sexual relations. Your sexual performance will not be affected by this surgery nor will the ability to urinate. It can take from 3 to 6 months before you see the complete results of this surgery.

Cost: $4,000 to $5,000 dollars, and even up to $17000.


Pec Enhancement

Pectoral enhancements are the most common with the male models and body builders who make money with their physiques. Surgery requires general anesthesia and involves a small incision in the armpit. Unlike breast implants, these should feel firm to the touch, Dr. Steinbrech said.

Recovery time: 4-6 weeks

Cost: $6,500-$8,000


Lower and Upper Eye Lift

An upper and lower eyelift will get rid of any puffiness or drooping skin around the eyes so that they look more awake. Known as a blepharoplasty, the procedure involves very minor incisions made in the natural eyelid creases.

Recovery time: 5-7 days

Cost: $4,500-$8,000


Gluteal Enhancement

The most common method of gluteal enhancement is fat transfer (extra fat from liposuction is used to make the glutes appear “perkier”), but silicone implants may also be used.

Recovery time: 4-6 weeks

Cost: $7,500-$10,000



Gynescomastia is most common for body builders, but is a surgery for anyone who has extra fatty tissue around their pectoral muscles. It’s achieved by liposuction and/or by removing excess glandular tissue, and is currently one of the biggest trends in male plastic surgery, according to Dr. Steinbrech.

Recovery time: 2-3 days

Cost: $1,500 to $5,000





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