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9 Ways Men Can Look Slimmer

Every man wants to look good and feel confident. Whether if it’s for a date, an important job interview, or just a night out with the boys, looking your best is key. So if looking slim and gaining more confidence is your goal, you should do whatever it takes to accomplish it. The obvious answer would be to just simply eat healthy to lose weight. Toss in some exercise and you’ll be good to go, right? Unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. So what are some other options to looking slim while you’re working on your weight loss? We’ve got you covered!

Wear Clothes That Fit Properly

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Most men think that wearing bigger and baggier clothes helps mask and disguise their problem areas. Whether it is love handles, a beer belly or man boobs, wearing bigger clothes does not hide these areas. Bigger clothes only make everything else on your body look bigger. Of course wearing clothes that are too small for you will not solve the problem either. Make sure to know what size clothes fit the best and wear them more often.

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  1. Great tips, but I wonder why all of the illustrations are pics of skinny guys? That doesn’t really show those of us who are actually trying to hide bellies and man boobs what effect your suggestions might have on our appearance.

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