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7 Major Calorie Burners That Are Fun

Now that the Old Man Winter has left us and Spring has sprung, most of us are ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while also working on our beach bodies for Summer. This is a lot easier for some, but for the large majority of us, trying to enjoy the sunshine while also burning calories is easier said than done. Some people will pay the outrageous gym membership fees in order to get the personal trainer workouts. Then there are those who have the exercise trainers at home and can workout in their living room. But did you know, there are several other ways to burn calories and still have fun this Spring while enjoying the sunshine? These are just a few ideas for you to think about next time you are trying to think of exercises, but don’t want to go to the gym.

1.) Play tennis: On average, you can burn nearly 500 calories for each hour that you play!

2.) Run in a 5K race: There are 5K races all the time and just about everywhere. So the next time the opportunity presents itself, sign up and be prepared to burn nearly 1000 calories, regardless if you are a walker or a runner.

3.) Plant your garden or mow your grass: Everybody wants to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood and the prettiest flowers. Take the time to tend to your yard and burn about 300 calories per hour doing it!

4.) Play disc golf: This is a sport that is starting to take over the nation and for good reason. Playing this sport is like doing a full body workout and for each hour you play, you burn 300 calories.

5.) Wash your own car: This is my favorite thing to do when it’s nice. There is no better feeling than driving around town with a freshly cleaned car. Not only does it look good and you feel good, but you just burned 250 calories for each hour that it took.

6.) Ride a bike: While the seat is uncomfortable, the workout is usually worth the pain. Much like disc golf, cycling is a full body workout that burns over 270 calories per hour.

7.) Take a hike: With the sun shining and the birds chirping, why not get out in nature and enjoy the sights and sounds? Due to the rough terrain on hiking trails, most people will burn 400 calories per hour and those that have hiked before know those are hard earned lost calories.

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