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How To Double The Life Of Your Razor

One of my least favorite things to do on a regular basis is shave.  Whether it’s your face, head, legs, or any other part of your body, there is nothing enjoyable about shaving.  The nix, cuts, razor burns, having to continuously shave.  I could go on forever with this list and most everybody would agree with me.  But one of the worst things about shaving doesn’t actually have to do with the shave, but the equipment.  Nowadays, razors have the ability to do almost whatever we want them to do, with the exception of actually shaving us without our help.  And we pay a hefty price to get that close shave when we purchase our razors.  Some prefer the electric shaving as opposed to the razor and shaving cream, which might not be that bad of an idea.  My only beef with an electric razor is that you don’t get a clean shave, but that ‘s all personal preference.

Thinking about the price of razors and replacement blades makes me sick, not to mention the price of shaving cream, especially for someone with a sensitive face and skin.  But what if I told you there was a way to not only get a spectacularly close shave but also extending the life of your razor?  The trick is simple: baby oil.  Simply pour some over your razor each time before you shave and you will nearly double the life expectancy of your Gillette Fusion or Shick Quattro.  And for those that want to have the baby skin face, instead of using shaving cream or gel, simply use the baby oil you used on your blade.

Now get out there men and impress your woman with the softness of your face and the increased cash in your wallet.


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