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Know What You Want And Need In A Relationship


With the world being so technologically advanced, it seems like the “personal” aspect of communication seems to be a lost art.  There is no need to go out any more to try and meet someone because of dating sites and online dating, but even in those situations, you have to know what it is you are looking for.  Most people would say they don’t have specific guidelines when it comes to trying to find a partner, just someone that treats them well.  While that is definitely a good trait for someone to have, there is always more that needs to be answered and that’s what this article is going to address.

When it comes to dating, there are so many different responses to every situation and how it should be handled.  But here’s the thing, your friends aren’t the ones making the decisions or telling you how you feel about someone.  They might think they know what is going on, and to an extent, they can see signs that we might miss when it comes to matters of the heart.  Regardless, you need to make sure that you are happy, not just being with someone, but being without someone.  Your happiness shouldn’t rely on someone else and their happiness shouldn’t rely on you.

The next thing you have to do is know what you want in a relationship before getting involved.  This ties back to being happy, but if you know what you are looking for before you start looking, it makes the search that much easier.  Also, when it comes to knowing what you want, don’t change your mind on something because it “qualifies” someone you think you could be happy with.  What ends up happening is that you decide you want something that person can’t be or offer and in return, end up trying to change that person, which typically ends up with someone being heart broken.

Next, you need to make sure you don’t lose sight of your wants, needs, hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations.  We tend to put the other person first and focus on what it’s going to take to help them out, that we tend to forget about ourselves.  Helping someone out needs to be important, but if it doesn’t allow you to focus on yourself, then that is a sign to get out.

Finally, you need to know what you are worth and what you are willing to work on with someone.  We all have our own flaws, but dropping our “value” in order to be with someone isn’t the best thing to do.  Once you know what you are worth to yourself, then you can look for the person that values you for that, and more.

So there are a lot of things to look at when it comes to getting involved in a relationship, but as you can see, they all start with you and making yourself happy.  I hope this helps some of you all and to those that are going thru heartache, look at what is important to yourself and look back at what was important to that partner.  I’m sure you will see that they didn’t live up to your standards, at which point you can continue on with your life and look for Mr./Mrs. Right.

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