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The Fastest Ways To Lose Customers

This is one of the hardest things to understand yet it is so simple when you actually go back and look at it: The customer is ALWAYS right.  While most business owners don’t like to admit it, this is true no matter what line of business you are in.  Even if there is a situation and you know you are right (from the business owner’s perspective), the customer dictates what you do in all situations.  The best way to handle any situation and make sure you keep your customer base isn’t through customer service software, it’s through the customer relationship management and talking to that particular individual.  Many times, that can resolve all issues and business can carry on as usual because you met the customer’s satisfaction.  However, some customer’s may not handle that easily and that will cause them to leave you.

This chart below, while simple, explains why most businesses lose customers.  I can safely say that there isn’t one person out there that hasn’t left a business for any other reason not listed on this graph.  And for you business owners, take a look at why the majority of people leave.  It could be difference for you staying in business another year or having to fold.

Source: GetSatisfaction

Source: GetSatisfaction

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