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10 Crazy Facts About Love You’ve Never Heard

What comes to your mind when you start think about love? For most people, walking down the isle to get married, a first kiss or first date, and the first time you admitted to yourself and partner that you were in love. When you’re in love, colors are brighter, people are happier, and life is generally better. Everywhere you look you can find a representation of love, whether it’s on television, in a movie, or watching a couple on a romantic date.  Love is overly romanticized in today’s culture, so you probably don’t know these scientific facts about love.

Love has the power to literally make you crazy.

Love is that it can lead to serious infatuation. The same levels of serotonin that bring about the infatuation are found in those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is an anxiety disorder. This could be why you cannot seem to think of anyone else when you have fallen in love.

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