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Top 8 Video Game Hoaxes of All-Time

Pokemon Red/Blue

The Mew Truck

Legitimately obtaining the legendary Pokemon Mew was one of the hardest tasks of the original Pokemon Red and Blue. The only way to add the creature to a Pokedex, without the use of a GameShark or glitch, was to attend an event where Nintendo gave the Pokemon away. Still, rumors began to surface that Mew was actually hidden in the game. 

As the rumor goes, Mew was hiding underneath a truck next to the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City. To confront and capture the coveted number 151, gamers needed Pokemon with the moves Surf, Cut, and Strength. The claim was that if the player Surfed over to the vehicle, Cut the tires on it, and then proceeded to move it out of the way using Strength, then the legendary Mew would emerge and challenge them to a battle. 

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