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6 Ways To Avoid Bathroom Mold

We all have that one room in the house that nobody likes to deal with…the bathroom.  There is nothing fun in the bathroom and even worse is having to clean it.  Not a single person enjoys it, but following these tips is a great way to prevent bathroom mold and water damage.

  1. Check for proper ventilation.  Since the bathroom is the wettest room in the house, it needs to be properly ventilated to avoid any type of water damage or mold damage.
  2. Eliminate extra moisture.  Any time you take a nice, hot shower, take a dry towel to the water beads that have built up on the wall or make sure you have the shower fan on to help eliminate this from happening.  You should also squeegee your shower walls after each use to help with this process as well as spread your shower curtain back out to keep it from growing mold in the creases.
  3. Seal the grout lines annually.  Even though your bathroom has recently been renovated, it is always a good idea to reseal your grout lines on an annual basis to help prevent bathroom mold.
  4. Cool your home.  While you are travelling during the summer/warmer months, it is always a good idea to keep your house cool when your gone to help prevent mold from moving in while you are gone.  As much as we want to keep our energy bills down while we are gone, we also don’t want to come back to a mold filled bathroom either after a relaxing trip.
  5. Check for leaks and plumbing issues.  Everything in the bathroom has a tendency to leak so it is always best to learn the basics for maintaining a bathroom, should any problems arise.
  6. Clean it.  And not just every once in a while.  If you are making sure the bathroom is clean on a regular basis, you can spot minor issues and get them corrected before they turn into major issues.

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