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Make Your High Heel Shoes More Comfortable

There is something to be said about a woman that can walk comfortably in high heel shoes.  Personally, I don’t understand wanting to wear something that is completely uncomfortable.  But should you choose to go out one night and decide you want to go that route of wearing heels, these tips might make the night more enjoyable instead of having to worry about your feet hurting.

  • Shave down the heel.  If you are willing to sacrifice a little height for more comfort, why wouldn’t you?  Besides, the most the spike would have cut off would be around one inch.
  • Use gel insoles.  Most heel wearing problems can be solved with this solution.  The gel insert helps keep your foot from slipping as well as adding extra support.
  • Walk like a model.  You aren’t out for a power walk or trying to lose weight so you have to change the way you walk when wearing heels.  Make sure you keep your head and spine straight, like being held up by a string, and lift your legs with each step to the center.
  • Don’t wear heels every day.  It is recommended that you not wear heels more than 2 days in a row with at least a day break.  Your feet need time to recover from each time you wear high heels.

  • Get heels with ties or straps.  It’s very frustrating having your foot slip out of your shoe every time you take a step.  Heels with straps, ties or buckles are a way to combat that.  Also, make sure they are adjustable to help with any potential swelling your feet might experience.
  • Use moleskin instead of bandages.  This product is the best way to cover up any trouble spots you might have when wearing heels.  It is available in sheets and sold in most drug stores and online so you can have plenty of it to help you out.
  • Stretch out your shoes.  You should go a half size bigger when it comes to buying high heels as well as going shopping for them at the end of the day when your feet are swollen.  Having a little wiggle room might be the greatest feeling in the world when it is time to wear them out.
  • Pick the right shape for comfort.  It’s amazing how much the shape of a high heel can make you comfortable.  Platform heels are great for arch support since the distance your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet is shorter.  Also, a rounded toe box is better because it allows for your toes to actually lay flat.  You can wear pointed heels, just make sure the point stretches out instead of stopping where your toes rest.


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