Saturday, February 24, 2018
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If You Love Beer, You’ll Love This Wine

Many people don’t consider themselves professionals when it comes to knowing alcohol.  To be honest, we mostly drink it to give us something to do.  Some are avid wine drinkers, others bourbon, or beer.  Very rarely do you meet someone who is savvy when it comes to multiple alcohols.  But the next time you are out with friends and they aren’t wine drinkers but love their beers or wine lovers who can’t stand beer, you can drop a little knowledge on them as to the best beer to compliment their favorite wine and vice versa.  And just because you study this chart doesn’t make you a wine connoisseur, so don’t go join a wine club to show off at.  This is really just to help expand horizons to those nay-sayers that don’t like one or the other.

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