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Clothing Hacks To Revolutionize Your Life

We are always looking to get that extra edge in everything we do, from work to school to even fashion now.  It’s hard to imagine that there is really anything that can be “hacked” when it comes to fashion.  However, there are things that everyone should know, not necessarily to give one an advantage, but to help someone out in times of desparation or if they have questions. This list was compiled of things that we should all know so that way our lives can be easier and less stressful.  Lets face it, we know how much trouble it can be to put on a new pair of pantyhose if you rip/run yours when you put it on.  But next time, just use some clear finger nail polish and apply it to the edges where the run/hole is.

1. Leave baby powder on an oil stain over night.

2. If you iron your clothes, let them sit for 5 minutes before putting them on.  This allows the iron to set in, thus reducing the chances of new wrinkles.

3. Spray some hairspray on your tights to help avoid getting runs in them.

4. If you do get runs/rips in your tights, just apply some clear finger nail polish around the edges of the rip/run.

5. To remove dirt from suede, use stale bread crust and rub gently.

6. Add some distilled vinegar to the last wash cycle to keep your dark jeans from fading.

7. Use Windex to clean patent leather.

8. If your shirts tend to get sweat stains, spray the areas with lemon juice before washing them.

9. Use shaving cream to remove make up (in particular, foundation) from the collars of clothes.

10. To break in your new leather jacket, get it wet.  The easiest way is to simply wear it when it is raining.

There are several other hacks that could go on this list, but for now, this should be enough to get you going and making your life easier.


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