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How To Clean Your Car In No Time

Let’s face it, having a clean car all the time is an impossible task to accomplish, unless your car just sits in the garage like my grandmother’s.  And to be honest, when the time comes to clean it, it can be a bit overwhelming.  The worst part is when you have to unexpectedly have to drive the carpool and then the rush is on to make as much room as possible in the vehicle while cleaning it out so people won’t judge you.  What is even more confusing is how a single male, like myself, has no kids or anything, yet my car looks like a 4 year old travels in it daily.  Whether you drive a sedan, SUV or truck, cleaning it is a major burden, but I have since picked up a few tricks on cleaning my car and keeping it clean based on the amount of time I have.

5 minutes:
This one is what we all typically experience.  If you are in a major time crunch, take a plastic grocery bag and run through every seat and floor board collecting as much trash as possible.  Once you have done that, empty out the trash bag and leave an empty one in your vehicle for future trash collecting.

15 minutes:
For this one, simply collect all the trash like you would if you have 5 minutes and the remaining 10 minutes will be spent shaking out the car mats and wiping away the dashboard that is covered in dust.  Be sure when you are cleaning your dash that you don’t spray something that isn’t safe for cars.  You don’t want it to dry out the material and cause it to crack.

30 minutes:
Take the time to go get a good car wash, this includes cleaning of the undercarriage.  Also, you want to go ahead and vacuum out your car to get whatever has fallen in the floor that you couldn’t pick up.  Most car washes off this service, but if you choose to do it yourself, take the time to get this done, assuming you have the time.

60 minutes:
Do all of the above steps AND scrub your fabric seats with a good upholstery cleaner.  This one should really be done if you don’t plan on going anywhere for the next few hours to allow your seats to dry.

It is always best to try and go through your car about every other week to help keep in clean and organized, that way if you get the sudden itch to sell it, there won’t be much work that has to be done to it and you can get the deal done pretty quickly, especially if you are trying to sell it privately.

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