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How To Prep For Grilling Season

It’s now that time of the year when us men feel the most like men: grilling season.  There is nothing better than showing off your new built in gas grills or the new smoker you bought last year at the end of the year on clearance.  For some reason, being able to grill is a pride thing that’s instilled in all men.  And we always want to show off our newest toys.

But for the less fortunate ones that had to stick with the grill they were handed down from their father 5 years ago, there is a little more work that has to go into making sure it is ready for the weekly barbecue or hosting the annual Memorial Day cook out or 4th of July.  Nobody wants to be grilling steaks for their guests when the grill craps out and you are stuck with ordering pizza.  Talk about taking away a man card.  But we are here to help you prepare yourself for the greatest grilling season of your life and for many more seasons after!  Just follow these tips below and you will be on your way to being the neighborhood “grill master”.

  1. If you have a gas grill, be sure to check your hose.  If it looks weathered or there are holes in it, it is always best to spend the few dollars to replace as opposed to having to replace the whole grill.  Specifically, what you are looking for is that the hose is connected from the propane to the burners without any build-up.  And if there is, be sure to clean it off before you begin.
  2. Make sure you clean everything before you begin.  I’ve found out that a damp rag and wire brush will work just fine to clean off the grates and everything else that comes in contact with the food.  You should also make sure you give your cooking utensils a good wash through the dish washer.
  3. Clean out your grease trap from the year before.  This one seems to be the hardest one to remember.  You would think with it kind of being a big deal, we’d do it more often, but alas, we don’t.  To make things easier, line your grease trap with thick, sturdy aluminum foil and when the season is over, simply throw it out and you are ready for the next year!
  4. Test it out before cooking.  Like I said earlier, you don’t want to be grilling for a big party and nothing works.  Turn everything on, inspecting all burners are lit and there are no leaks anywhere.  It’s the easiest thing to do, but it is also the most important.


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