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All-Natural Life Cheats To Help You Stop Smoking

How do people stop smoking? It’s the question that’s plagued those wanting to quit for decades. Sure, everybody has their own method that they prefer, and they would probably love to tell after they put down that “last cigarette” for the 50th time. If you’ve been looking for the perfect reason to stop smoking, then you probably aren’t ready to stop smoking. Some people give up as part of a larger lifestyle change – to be healthier, to get fit, or to save money. For some, it’s more about how their smoking affects the people around them – like their family, friends, and little ones. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go buy nicotine replacement or medications to stop smoking. There are completely natural ways to kick the nasty habit once and for all if you’re ready.

Get Hypnotized

Don’t think hypnosis is for real? Maybe you do, and just think it can’t help you throw away that last cigarette in your journey to quit smoking for good. It’s time to take another look according to the research at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Texas, where patients underwent eight hypnotherapy visits over a two-month period. By the last visit, 40 percent of them had quit, and the majority of the rest were making heavy strides! Hypnosis has become such a powerful method to help people stop smoking (among many other things), that hypnotists from every corner of the Earth are putting together programs to help people succeed in their quest. One of the most well-known of these hypnotists, Rich Guzzi, has even taken it a step further. He’s on a mission to help over 100,000 people to smoking in his father’s honor… and he will likely hit that outrageous goal before it’s all said and done. “You have trained your brain to associate smoking with pleasurable activities and/or to relieve stress. You need to recondition your mind so you have a clear perception of smoking and what it is really doing to your body and your life,” says Guzzi. The only thing to be weary of when using hypnosis is the price you may have to pay to go see a certified hypnotist. There are ways around this, however. If you’re serious about kicking the habit once and for all, check out Rich Guzzi’s highly reviewed CD that allows you to be hypnotized from the comfort of your own home without paying a ridiculous fee.

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