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The Ideal Sheets For That Ideal Sleep

Sleeping is something that most of us consider ourselves proficient at.  Some can do it better than others, while there are those that suffer from a horrific disease known as snoring.  But one of the biggest things that influences our sleep is the type of sheets we have on our mattress.  I’ve heard that the “Egyptian cotton” are by far the best sheets, but I personally don’t feel like paying the price tag attached to that label.

There are several different kinds of sheet out there to choose from, so many, that it can make your head spin.  One of my biggest downfalls when sheet shopping is trying to find the highest thread count at the lowest price.  And by that, I’m looking for 1000 thread count sheets for a queen size bed at the twin size bed jersey sheets that are about $20-30.  What I have discovered, however, is that you can get a good 400-500 thread count set of sheets for a pretty good price and they are just as comfortable as the 1000 thread count sheets you’d pay probably double the price for.

You also need to make sure that when you buy your sheets, you buy them to fit your bed.  I know it’s hard to determine how exactly they are going to fit until you actually get them on your bed.  I can tell you that I have 2 different brands, thread counts, and material sheets and neither one fits the same as the other.  But if you do have experience with one brand, try to stick with it since you know how it fits.  If you know that the twin size sheets fit a little smaller than you would like because you have a topper on your bed, then go up to the next size and just make sure to tuck it under the bed.

Another option to consider when trying to make sure sheets fit on your bed is to get elastic sheet straps.  These simply clip to the fitted sheet itself and tuck right under each corner.

So what you have learned here is that you don’t have to pay the top dollar for your linen bed sheets and that sheets in the 400-500 thread count range can be just as comfortable as the 800-1000 thread count range and cost significantly less.

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