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Scholarships That Anybody Can Win

Education is a major issue in today’s society.  More importantly, how students are supposed to pay for higher education at the outrageous amounts colleges and universities are charging.  Most people have to rely on government assistance and end up taking out student loans for school to hopefully better their future.  Unfortunately, with the way the economy is right now, most of those students are actually worse off.

The second route to continue your education, and that is by a college grant.  But that requires you to be very intelligent or you have to be going into a specific field of study to get it.

The third route is by scholarships.  This one is a little more common but still requires you to be highly intelligent and compete among other applicants to get.  And if you are unable to get that scholarship, that is what deters you from even attending college.  But there is hope for the “average” student out there when it comes to scholarship money!!  Here are 4 different scholarships that anybody is eligible for and none of them require too much effort on the parent’s or student’s part. It is easy to find these scholarship applications online and they can be filled out in no time.

1.  U.S. Bank Scholarship:  The only requirements here are to be a US citizen and be a senior in high school or an undergraduate student.  Each year, US Bank offers 40 scholarships at $1000 each and the only thing you have to do is fill out some basic information about yourself.  Each scholarship is drawn at random until all 40 have been given out.

2.  No Essay Scholarship:  The nice thing about this one is that it is monthly, unlike most scholarships that are yearly or each semester.  All you have to do is fill out the basic information, through College Prowler, about yourself and the winners are drawn at random.  What’s even better is that you can apply each month, but only once.

3.  $1,000 Weekly Scholarship:  Even better than a once a month scholarship, how about a weekly one?  While this one isn’t as simple as filling out basic information, it still is pretty easy to apply for.  Besides filling out the basic info, you are also asked to answer an odd question about yourself in 280 characters or less.

4.  Scholarship Zone Scholarship:  This one is offered through Scholarship Zone and all you have to do is register on their site by answering 15 questions about yourself and you will automatically be entered in their drawing of $10,000!

So there are several resources out there to help with continuing education and there should be no excuse as to why someone isn’t out there applying for any one or all of these scholarships!

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