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How To Fight Humidity Like A Champ This Summer

Women tend to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to summer.  While they love it because it allows them to wear nice dresses and sandals, they absolutely hate what it does to their hair and there are no hair treatments to avoid it.  It doesn’t matter what what kind of hair they have or what products they use, the humidity will cause so much havoc to their hair.  No amount of hair spray can combat the frizzy hair that comes with it being humid outside, but there are some tips you can use to help alleviate the stresses of having long hair when it is warm outside.

  1. Get your hair cut on a regular basis.  This is a lot easier said than done.  Most of the time, haircuts are scheduled about 6 weeks apart, but it’s hard when life happens and you end up having to reschedule, especially when your hair stylist is in high demand and her schedule doesn’t allow you to come in within a reasonable time.
  2. Use the right brush.  When there is no humidity out there, it is easy to use the basic paddle brush with the bristles spread further apart but once that weather changes, you should look into a brush with dense, uneven bristles.
  3. Forget the hair dryer and straightener (and all heat products).  With the warmth outside and sun’s UV rays, your hair is getting plenty of damage.  Add in the fact you’ve straightened it or used a blow dryer on it only increases the exposure and damage it could endure, especially when the chances of it holding are slim and none.
  4. Be prepared with products to help at all times.  Anti-frizz and deep conditioner are great products to have in the humid months and you should always carry around some travel sizes for those emergency situations.
  5. Have a back up plan for your hair.  We can’t control the weather or how our hair reacts to it, but you should always have a plan in case something goes wrong and your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate.


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