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How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean Between Mops

While having hardwood floors is a a positive for many reasons, the biggest benefit to them has to be when it is time to clean.  Mopping is always a great way to make the floors shine and make yourself feel better.  The problem, however, is that mopping is such a hassel and can take a long time to do.  Nobody wants to mop every few days if they can avoid it and this cheat will help you clean hardwood flooring in between mops.

The secret to not having to mop on a frequent basis when it comes to floor cleaning isn’t really a secret at all.  All you have to do is go to Walmart or Target and buy a stack of cheap washcloths.  Now you are probably wondering how this will keep your floors clean in between your monthly or bi-weekly mops.  The way this works is very simple.  Once you have mopped, use a wash cloth each day to go through your house and clean up any type of mess that you come across.  Then, once you have cleaned your house, use the wash cloth to go around and clean up anything you see on the floor.  When the day is over, simply toss that used wash cloth in your dirty clothes and repeat each day.

I hope this little trick helps you keep your house clean and your hardwood floors spotless from now on!

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