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How To Create A German Pet Name

If you’ve ever thought American’s had strange names for different animals, you are probably right in that thought.  We, as American’s, have the strangest names when it comes to animals.  There are some out there that are obvious as to why they are named what they are because of what they do.  The best example of that would be an anteater.  It is named because of what it does, eats ants.

As for German’s, their thought process is as basic as it could be.  They simply name animals based on what they look like and do.  Don’t worry, no translation services will be required to understand this infographic below.  It’s not like we are trying to teach you German, but instead, show you their logic when it comes to something like this.  But if you are interested, it is very easy to learn German and is actually my favorite language to speak (even though I’m not very good at it).

I hope this graph helps you as far as understanding German logic and how simple life really is.


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