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7 Self-Defense Tricks Everyone Should Know

Use Your Head… Literally

Do you know that bashing your forehead into a thug’s nose once deals more damage than slamming your fist into his nose twice? The human skull is a powerful weapon. Notice that in boxing, a single headbutt is enough to open a cut in a boxer’s forehead than a flurry of punches. Your skull is hard and it’s also easy to move your head. By using your head, you can deal significant damage to your attacker using minimal effort. Headbutts are especially useful when someone grabs you from behind. Don’t waste your time and energy elbowing your attacker’s ribs or stepping on his toes. Instead, try bashing his face with the back of your head.

Master all these tricks and you can pass up on those judo lessons your friend recommends to you. Always remember that you’re not a passive target, and you’re equally dangerous as your attacker.

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