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Life Cheats For Sports Fans

Die-hard fans spend countless hours rooting for their favorite sports teams, hoping and praying that they will raise the trophies high above their heads while you jump up and down with your friends in celebration. The downside of being a die-hard fan, besides the usual disappointment that most people face, is how much we spend. Not only are ticket prices outrageous, but buying shirts, jerseys, food, and cold beer racks up your credit card and destroys your wallet. Stop working so hard to enjoy your team, and start hacking your sports world.

Turn Down The Announcers

Why are more people not doing this?

Sometimes the announcers of the game absolutely ruin the entire experience. When cliches, cheesy lines and obvious observations have you down, simply turn the sound down and any ambient music up. However, the guy in the video took it to the next level. He discovered that most sporting events broadcast in surround sound only push the commentator audio through the center channel. Sure, he could unplug the center channel speaker or dig out the A/V remote and turn the center channel volume down to zero, but instead he decide to add single pole, single throw (SPST) switch to one of the two speaker wires running to his center channel speaker.

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