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8 Things Young People Should Know About Love

Love has no age. Whether you’re 12 years-old walking down the hallway of your middle school, or 23 years-old and graduating college, you feel as if you could meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with at anytime. Love truly does have the power to blind us from reality. Of all of the emotions human beings experience, love is probably the purest of them all. While that has many benefits and can lead to wonderful experiences, it can also lead to unwanted drama. Everyone worries about collecting a lot of relationship baggage while they’re young, but the truth is it’s going to happen regardless. You can’t avoid it and you shouldn’t try to. Whether you’re young in age or just inexperienced, these are some things you should know about love.

1.) It’s okay to be single.

This is the most important thing you should know about relationships and love. When you’re going through middle school, high school, or even college, you will encounter times where it seems like everyone you know is in a relationship. You will feel lonely and start questioning whether or not you should look for a partner. This is not the right reason to get into a relationship! You will be wasting your time along with your partner’s. Never get into a relationship just so you can be in a relationship. Wait until you find someone you really like and who really likes you. Being single will help you be a well-rounded person, and you won’t have a history of hopping from relationship to relationship with no substance.

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