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14 Crazy Ways People Get High

Licking The Toad

Remember the episode of Family Guy where Peter goes back to school to stop kids from licking toads? Sadly enough, people actually do get high this way. Licking toads is a timeless urban legends that we’ve all heard—maybe you didn’t see it on Family Guy and saw it on The Simpsons. But as with many things Homer and Peter do, you probably shouldn’t copy him. Firstly, it’s gross. Secondly, all toads are toxic. Thirdly, only  one specific type of toad can get you high—and chances are the toad you just found isn’t it. The whole “licking toads” rumor apparently began when someone saw some hippies chasing the warty amphibians through the woods. But the “proper” way to get high off them is hardly more appetizing: You have to hold your toad, gently massaging the soft venom sacks on the sides of its head and “milk” its viscous white venom onto a piece of glass. Dry, scrape and smoke—but not too often. Even though most of the poisonous bufotenin is burned off, the buildup from repeated toad-toking can kill you. (via Wikipedia)

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