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How To Fluently Read Body Language

You can learn a lot about a person without them ever saying a word. You can find out if a person is interested in you, disgusted by you, or curious about you just by observing their body language. Reading body language isn’t easy and requires a lot of practice. There are tons of traps that can be misleading and it is wise to be cautious. You need to be able to read people’s body language because it will help us in personal and professional relationships. Not to mention parenting, family relationships, which politician to vote for, and dating.

Body language is just one of the techniques used to relay a message. Studies show that humans convey a message by relying on words (10%), tone of voice (40%), while the non-verbal communication makes up all the rest (50%). So how do you pick-up on the correct signals and read someone’s body language? These tricks should help you get the hang of it. Try to think of these as not individual signals but rather as a group of indicators which will give you a more reliable reading. Don’t worry; you’re in very good company

Eye contact

If the person makes eye contact, it is typically a sign of willingness to engage in conversation. But intense staring can be interpreted as curiosity or even hostility. Don’t allow yourself to stare, or at least don’t get caught doing it.

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