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5 Video Games That Make You Better At Life

During your adolescent years, you were probably told on one of your late nights with a controller in your hands and snack on the table that video games were completely rotting your brain and you will never have a future if all you do is playing video games. Most authority figures in your childhood saw you playing first-person shooters, but failed to see you playing games that would actually help develop you into the good person you are today (assuming you’re not an asshole).

Sure – we still get our fill of head shots and stealing cars with games, but we also learn some valuable life lessons and what it takes to be a good person. Who would have guessed that new game you just bought might be the next best thing to an eye opening documentary or college lecture? These are five games that will make you better at life:

Gourmet Chef
Nintendo DS

Search, sauté, and serve your way to the top in Go Go Gourmet – Chef of the Year, a delectable diversion that mixes the challenge of two fun genres.  After learning the cooking ropes and opening up her very own restaurant, Ginger’s appetite for a new challenge discovers a coveted Chef of the Year competition. Now, matched against seven of the world’s finest chefs, Ginger must prepare local specialties from seven countries to win. Believe it or not, you can actually learn some valuable culinary skills from this game. Your significant other will never tell you to put down the video games after you cook them up a delightful dish.

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