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12 Incredibly Useful Uses For Mustard

The Unwanted Scent of Men

Web MD

Research says sweat mixed with the body’s natural scent comes as a natural aphrodisiac, which works only for humans. For large garden pests like rabbits, deer and other wild animals, that scent makes them flee properties. You can easily recreate the scent of sweaty farm workers by placing a generous servings of mustard on several tin plates.

Hang the plates around your garden and lawn. Upon smelling the mustard, Bambi and his gang of misfits will instantly realize their limits, when it comes to grazing. This is a much better alternative than… you know…. recreating what happened to Bambi’s dad.


  1. What type of mustard? Powdered English mustard. French or American?

    • American is the standard used in this post. However, if there is a different kind used for a particular cheat, it was noted.

  2. What size spoons?

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