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15 Amazing Apps Every Pet Owner Needs

7. PetSnap ($1.99)


PetSnap is especially designed for capturing lovely pet photos. It was loaded with 5 main features for this purpose.

Sounds: Using sounds to attract pet’s attention is the basic need of a pet camera. For this, PetSnap carefully selected 32 different sounds of dog, cat, bird, other animals’ sounds and several environment sounds such as bell rings and paper tearing. Sometimes pets are more interesting in sounds from different kind of animals. Just try each one!

Frames: To style photos, PetSnap prepared 7 various photo frames to make the photos more special. The selection of photo frames will be increased soon with the upgrade version of PetSnap.

Zoom: Want a close up shot? PetSnap allows users to zoom in on the subject and get a close up shot for pets!

Review: PetSnap provides 6 review windows to quickly check on the last photos.

Image Sizes: PetSnap supports 4 image resolution including 300 x 400, 600 x 800, 900 x 1200 and 1200 x 1600.

In addition, for the UI design of PetSnap, we have worked with the famous Taiwanese designer, Dizzy Ha, to develop an easy accessible control bar as well as the elegant leather feel covers to make PetSnap one of the most simple and joyful apps.


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