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20 Things That Really Happy Couples Do

Embrace trust and avoid jealousy.

One thing that every couple experiences is that dreaded fight that always ends with one person admitting they are just jealous. Jealousy can be a relationship killer if you are not careful. The worst part is, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid. Our schools and workplaces aren’t segregated by gender, so how could we expect a person to not have friends of the opposite gender? Recall the tried-and-true statement innocent until proven guilty. If you accuse your partner of cheating without cause, what incentive do they have to be faithful when they feel like you don’t trust them no matter what? If they do end up cheating, it will hurt. But it can end up being a blessing that you aren’t spending your life with someone who is dishonest, and the right person is still out there. Bottom line – don’t let jealousy get the best of you. It’s really not worth it.

If you are really suspicious that your boyfriend is cheating on you, look for these obvious signs. If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, look for these signs.

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