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25 Clear Signs She’s Not The One

Before we indulge in helping you discover whether you should get on one knee and ask the biggest question of your life, it should be pointed out that no human being is going to have every single one of these qualities. It all depends on which ones mean more to you. It should also be noted that this list is not meant to be sexist, but rather realistic. Don’t worry ladies, we are working on a list of signs that your boyfriend isn’t marriage material either. We will post it as soon as it’s configured. Let’s get started:

She Has No Hopes And Dreams Of Her Own

It’s simply astounding how many people are content with just existing. Obviously you don’t need to have goals that are outrageous like becoming President of the United States, but setting high standards for yourself and setting goals should be a necessity for the girl you are going to marry. Sure – there is some wiggle room here. For example, if she’s still in school or honestly doesn’t know what she wants to do (but is actively trying to find out). Much like you, your ideal wife should’t be content with where she professionally and always working to take the next step.


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