Monday, February 19, 2018
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20 Best Health Hacks According To Doctors

Stop Sitting Around
Basic Health

Fitness trainers say it, every health website says it, and even your parents say it – give your butt a break! A healthier lifestyle, then, can be reached just by getting off the couch. A recent study at the University of Missouri-Columbia reaffirms that a sedentary life increases your risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity, but the study suggests that even if you get in the recommended 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week, sitting for the remaining 15 and a half hours of the day is still trouble. The solution? According to the article, just standing up more frequently throughout the day to type or do chores can do wonders for your health and double your metabolic rate. To make it easier, consider investing into a standing desk for work. People swear by them, saying they actually get more work done.

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