Friday, December 15, 2017
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15 Things Life’s Too Short To Worry About

The “Haters”

Think about all the athletes  you don’t like or don’t care about: LeBron James is no Michael Jordan, Aaron Rodgers still doesn’t live up to Brett Favre, Tiger Woods won’t ever be like Jack Nicklaus. Regardless of how you feel about any of these people, they have successful and memorable careers. Although they get their share of unfair disrespect successful people continue doing what they’re doing. So why don’t you apply this concept to your own life?

People aren’t always going to like what you do. Whether you’re a celebrity or an unknown, you’re going to step on some toes. This is to be expected. Take a good look around – even kindest, most peaceful people on the planet have critics. If you stopped and stressed out every time someone didn’t like your decisions, you would never accomplished anything in life. When you have haters, you are usually on the verge of success.

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