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15 Things Life’s Too Short To Worry About

Who is Sleeping With Whom

Gossip can be the downfall of a personality. Psychologically, we all enjoy hearing gossip about the people who live a certain lifestyle that we are jealous of. The most common lifestyle we are jealous of is the sex lives of the people around us. Some of our friends and co-workers are having tons of sex with tons of people. But why do you care? If you want to have a life like theirs, work for it. What are you really gaining by gossiping – a tacky conversation starter? You’ll end up looking like the group gossip, who nobody likes nor trusts.

While we’re on the subject, there’s really no need for everyone to know who you’re banging either. It’s not necessary to hide your sex life (and you should certainly be honest about it with your partner), but it doesn’t need to be in your repertoire of icebreaking conversation fodder. Life’s just too short to worry about the sex lives of others; and potentially lose the trust of the people around you.

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