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15 Things Life’s Too Short To Worry About


After turning 21, there really is no reason to celebrate your birthday. All of the good ones are over. After that, we slowly begin to dread our birthdays because we see our youth fading away. We all go through the same stress, anxiety, fear, worry, and doubt. It’s understandable to feel a little bit stressed about aging, but you have to keep in mind there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re going to age whether you like it or not. There’s nothing you can do to stop the process, but you can embrace it and make the most of your time. Aging is a part of life. Instead of worrying about your age, enjoy the present you exist in right now. You’ll only be this old once, so do all the fun things you always wanted to do at that age.

Don’t waste your time worrying about not being old enough yet either. Being a kid has its advantages. Sure you can’t gamble or drink alcohol and you don’t have much of a say in what happens in your life, but there are plenty of advantages to youth. You get a slap on the wrist for most minor offenses, it’s incredibly easy to get out of contracts, admission prices are cheaper, and bills are usually free. You can’t speed or slow time. Enjoy your life the way it is right now.

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