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15 Things Life’s Too Short To Worry About


Jobs are interesting creatures. We get up early, leave our homes, drive thru traffic to get to a job we hate so we can pay for the home we don’t spend much time in and the gasoline we use to sit in traffic and drive the job we hate. It’s catch 22 at it’s finest. There will always be projects, chores, errands, and emergencies at work. Nobody has a career that’s without stressful situations. It helps to love what you do, but even if you don’t, work is a silly thing to get uptight about. If you’re not at work, there’s nothing to worry about. If you are at work, then stop crying over spilt milk, roll up your sleeves, and be productive. The less you worry about work, the quicker it goes by.

I was having a discussion with my girlfriend the other day about random dating horror stories. We both laughed hysterically about a guy she talked to whose username was along the lines of “CorpExecutive123” although he hated talking about his job. Why would you advertise your job on a dating site if you weren’t willing to disclose your occupation? Never be ashamed of who you are or what you do to earn a living. You’re not defined by your career; you define it.

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