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14 Lies About Science You Were Taught Growing Up

False: We only use 10% of brain.

It is obviously true the brain remains one of the biggest mysteries of life, but one thing that is not a mystery is how much of the brain we use. Taking birth defects and injuries out of the equation, we use 100% of our brain. The brain may only weighs a few pounds, it is incredibly demanding. It requires about 20% of all of the oxygen and glucose brought into the body. It is extremely unlikely that the brain would have evolved as it did if it were mostly useless. Trauma to the brain would also rarely have devastating results if it were mostly unused, but very few survive gunshot wounds to the head, and it isn’t without some serious side effects. While you might not be using every bit of your brain at all times, but you do use the entire brain over the course of the day.

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