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24 Crazy Things Our Government Spent Your Tax Dollars On

Every April, millions of people flock to their accountants so they can see how much of their hard-earned income they get to fork over to the government. Come the middle of April, they get in their cars, drive to the post office and send off a giant cheque to the IRS. Nobody likes doing it, but unfortunately we have to. We may make it sound like paying taxes is a terrible thing and the government is scamming you out of money. In reality, your tax money is what keeps this country going. Where does Uncle Sam send your tax dollars though?

  • The biggest chunk of your money — 42.2 cents of every income-tax dollar — goes to fund the military. Over half of it, or 28.7 cents, goes to pay for the current war and military, 10 cents goes to interest payments on past and present military debt and 3.5 cents is allocated for Veterans’ benefits.
  • The second largest amount is spent on health care initiatives, including Medicare.
  • About ten cents of every federal tax dollar is spent on interest for non-military related national debt.
  • Environment, energy, and space. Spending in this area goes to environmental programs, energy exploration and any programs that deal with general science, technology and space.
  • Anti-poverty programs take home a small amount. These funds go to a variety of programs to help the underprivileged. They include food assistance, supplemental income for those with low incomes and assistance for foster care and adoption programs.
  • The education system gets a small share as well. These funds go towards paying for elementary, secondary and higher education. Other beneficiaries include employment training centers.
  • Government and law enforcement. This area covers a variety of programs, including the cost of running the justice system, the cost of running the Social Security program and federal employee retirement and disability.
  • Housing and community development. This money is spent on housing assistance and community development programs
  • Agriculture, commerce, transportation, and international affairs take their share as well.

At the end of the day, the money you give the government actually helps a lot of people in need and protect your freedom. However, every once and while the government will toss some tax dollars at something that the tax payers would not agree with. In fact, if tax payers knew it, they would probably raise Hell.  Here are a few that may boil your blood:

The U.S. government has spent $175,587 “to determine if cocaine makes Japanese quail engage in sexually risky behavior”.

“The goal of the proposed experiments is to utilize an animal model whose sexual behavior system has been well-studied, Japanese quail,” the description says. “In addition to the benefits of using quail to study sexual behavior, the use of a visually-oriented species in studying drug effects may be of additional relevance to studying human drug addiction. We currently have preliminary evidence in male Japanese quail that preexposure to cocaine enhances sexual motivation. This finding ties in well with clinical observations that indicate that cocaine use in humans may increase sexual motivation, thereby increasing the likelihood of the occurrence of high-risk sexual behavior.”

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